Matheus is an Graphic Artist and also a Design Consultant

Want to buy his artworks, have a new artwork custom made or want any design advice?  Just reach him trough:
Lausanne, Switzerland
(+41) 079 765 1265

About Matheus

Matheus Guimarães da Silva was born in 1986 in the south of Brazil, in a family deeply inspired by art.

Matheus is not your typical artist. His journey began not in classrooms, but fueled by an innate passion for capturing the essence of the world around him. His lens, both photographic and artistic, transcends the ordinary, seeking beauty in the mundane and meaning in the abstract.

Breathtaking landscapes and poignant snapshots of daily life, all brought to life through his skilled eye. But Matheus’s talents extend far beyond photography. He’s a talented multi-instrumentist, having graced the stage with various bands throughout his life. And if that wasn’t enough, his creative fire fuels Impactamidia, a web and graphic design company in Brazil, where he reigns as Art Director and Partner.

Now, let’s talk about the art. Switzerland, a land of breathtaking beauty, ignited a creative spark within Matheus. The pieces you see before you are born from bursts of inspiration, each a unique expression of his boundless imagination.

Abstract forms dance alongside captivating photographs, intertwined with 3D fractals of his own creation. No two pieces are alike, each a testament to his independent spirit and artistic freedom.

Salvador Dali’s influence whispers through his work, adding a touch of surrealism to his vibrant color palettes, geometric shapes, and captivating perspectives. Yet, Matheus remains distinctly his own, offering a visual feast that’s both thought-provoking and refreshingly personal.

But don’t just take our word for it. Matheus’s talent has already garnered the trust of prestigious brands like Patek Phillipe, Huawei, Vacheron Constantin, Paradigm21, and numerous others.

His art is an invitation, a canvas for your own interpretation. Each piece whispers a different story, waiting to be unraveled by your unique perspective.

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