Matheus is an Graphic Artist and also a Design Consultant

Want to buy his artworks, have a new artwork custom made or want any design advice?  Just reach him trough:
Lausanne, Switzerland
(+41) 079 765 1265

Matheus Guimarães is a Brazillian graphic artist based in Lausanne, Switzerland

digital to reality

His works are composed of abstract art alone, or mixed with photographs and 3D fractals that he develops.

His main art inspiration has always been Salvador Dali, and we can perceive some of his influence in several pieces. Furthermore, Matheus’ arts are filled with interesting and refreshing color combinations, geometric shapes and perspectives.

is self-taught

Like his family

His creativity is expressed in several ways. He loves photography and enjoys wandering around with his camera snapping either beautiful landscapes or simple, yet meaningful, daily scenarios.

his pictures have something refreshing

Matheus Guimarães has a fun and playful way of dealing with forms. Color and form combinations work well together in his compositions. For me his pictures have something refreshing

Beatrice Baumann / Artist and Gallery Owner

It merges the old with the current. Wonderful!

Look, I must say, the artworks of Matheus have something nostalgic, retro, reminds me of the time I use to make "color combinations" in drawing classes. It merges the old with the current. Wonderful!

Walter Dörr Customer

lightness and peace

Matheus's artworks have a pleasant coloring, a reading of something not finite and gives me a feeling of lightness and peace!

Viviane Drebes D. Customer

Custom artwork

Matheus also does custom made artwork

If you like his style and want to have some artwork custom made for you, feel free to contact Matheus

Last Exhibition

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