Matheus is an Graphic Artist and also a Design Consultant

Want to buy his artworks, have a new artwork custom made or want any design advice?  Just reach him trough:
Lausanne, Switzerland
(+41) 079 765 1265

About Matheus

Matheus Guimarães da Silva was born in 1986 in the south of Brazil, in a family deeply inspired by art. Both his parents paint, his mother also makes sculptures, his sister does different kinds of crafts and his brother plays multiple music instruments.

Like his family, Matheus is self-taught, and his creativity is expressed in several ways. He loves photography and enjoys wandering around with his camera snapping either beautiful landscapes or simple, yet meaningful, daily scenarios.

He was also a guitar player of several music bands over the years while he was a teenager and a young adult in Brazil. He continues to play in a band with friends here in Switzerland, where he moved to in 2016 with his wife. Besides these side activities, Matheus is one of the leading partners and the art director of a webdesign and graphic design company grounded in Brazil, Impactamidia, which was founded eleven years ago.

Switzerland has been a fruitful source of inspiration for Matheus. He started creating a series of graphic design pieces during creativity bursts. Some of these pieces are presented in this exposition.
His works are composed of abstract art alone, or mixed with photographs and 3D fractals that he develops. The pieces do not have a common ground or a connecting factor, but instead are completely unrelated and developed individually.

His main art inspiration has always been Salvador Dali, and we can perceive some of his influence in several pieces. Furthermore, Matheus’ arts are filled with interesting and refreshing color combinations, geometric shapes and perspectives.

Finally, his arts are insightful and completely open to personal interpretation, making them a unique experience for each one of us.